Match Beyond

The mission of Match Beyond is to empower students to earn postsecondary degrees—and to leverage these degrees into middle-class careers—at unprecedented rates.  

We accomplish this objective by providing students with the supports they need and deserve – in a college format that is uniquely low-cost, flexible and relevant.

Match Beyond provides personal coaching, study support, and job placement services to high school graduates and GED-recipients in Boston who enroll in online Associate's and Bachelor's degree programs through Southern New Hampshire University's College for America.

Match Beyond is designed to address a growing problem in Boston and across the nation.  Among Americans over the age of 24 who attempted college, one in three left without attaining any degree and only half received a bachelor's degree.  Eight in ten low-income college matriculants do not earn a bachelor's degree by age 24.

This has negative consequences for the many who fail to complete – and for the local and national economies, which increasingly demand a more and better educated workforce.  Some estimates suggest that 14 million jobs will go unfilled in the next decade due to skills gaps.

Match Beyond is building a program that will yield unprecedented degree completion rates and prepare graduates to succeed in the new twenty-first century job opportunities.