Brothers In Arms: Starting a new MED school from scratch

Quinnipiac University is starting a brand spanking* new medical school. Turns out, there are only 135 med schools in the nation. There are 1,206 ed schools.

So what's the first step?

Securing a major hospital/health system clinical partner.

We've done that. In fact, that happened first. It wasn't "Hey let's build an Ed School, who should we partner with?" It was: "Here's a a charter high school and middle school, and a teaching certification program, that have many qualities that would make it a great clinical partner. Can we bake an Ed School into it?"

So who cares whether the Med School chicken or the clinical partner egg comes first?

I'm not sure for med schools. But think about the frequent complaint about ed schools: tension between what students hear from profs and what they observe and are told by "their clinical partner" (the school in which they apprentice).

The pioneers here are in California: the High Tech High Graduate School of Education. They built a network of charter schools first. Then the California Board of Higher Education approved them to become a Graduate School of Ed. Theory and practice are snug.

* * * *

*I know you were wondering, because I was. What is the origin of "brand spanking new"?

It appears that whoever coined 'brand spanking new' did so by appropriating the imagery of 'spick and span', the rhyme of 'bran' and 'span' and the meaning of 'spanking'. That is, it is a pleasant-sounding phrase with some appropriate associations. Whatever the intent of the early users of the phrase, it is in Eric Partridge's meaning of the term, a catchphrase, i.e. it has caught on. It appears to have been coined around the turn of the 20th century and is still in common use. The earliest printed citation we can find is in a story about a luckless sea captain, in Harper's New Monthly Magazine, April, 1860, entitled Captain Tom: A Resurrection:

He had a new vessel, he had a new crew, he had brand spanking new fish-gear; but he had his old luck.