The Earbud

In LA at a conference. The idea is to get 10 urban superintendents and 10 charter folks to talk about collaboration and challenge. It's off the record to foster openness, so that's all I got. But I liked this nugget. Don Shalvey works for Gates Foundation. Before that, ran Aspire Charter Schools in CA. His favorite teacher training thing (which I believe he said comes from guru Lee Canter)? Putting an earbud in rookie's ear, with coach in back of the room, holding a microphone. Real time coaching.

"Check out Jose in row 3, you're losing him.......Repeat the directions. Louder! Can't hear you. Louder!" Etc. The kids are in on it, they know the rookie is being coached, fine with them.

Teacher U's Norm Atkins first told us about the earbud. Put it on my to-do list and then it slipped. Gotta try it.

I have tried a version of this real-time advice. With my wife. When she's on the phone giving medical advice to my Dad, and even occasionally to her cancer patients, I sometimes chirp in my suggestions. These are not generally appreciated. And by generally, I mean: never.

I'll report back with the findings.