Who Dat (Ed School edition)?

Great December article in Washington Post about measuring Ed Schools in Louisiana.

Through an initiative that Education Secretary Arne Duncan calls a model for the nation, Louisiana has become the first state to tie student test scores into a chain of evaluation that reaches all the way to teacher colleges. Those that fail to perform on this new metric someday could face shake-ups or, in extreme cases, closure.

"It's accountability on steroids," said E. Joseph Savoie, president of the University of Louisiana at Lafayette.

Closure. Happened to medical schools. Between 1910 and 1935, half of all medical schools merged or closed.

Why? Abraham Flexner. He published a report in 1910. He ripped the existing schools. For example, he described Chicago's 14 medical schools as "a disgrace to the State whose laws permit its existence... indescribably foul... the plague spot of the nation." Flexner could get all huffy.

Lots of good things happened because of that report.

Unfortunately, there were some side effects. Shortages were created by hiking the bar. And those shortages didn't affect everyone directly. Women were elbowed out of the now much smaller number of med school slots. Sorry, Pru. Also med schools that served poor and black communities were shut. Sorry, communities like that.

Would that happen if bad Ed Schools were shut down? I don't think so. But you'd want to keep your eye on it.