Mrs. Mimi

Mrs. Mimi is an elementary school teacher and a great blogger. Do you need to know anything more than her arch-nemesis is/was an administrator named The Bacon Hunter?

I was just thinking back to my first year of teaching. Don't ask me why...self torture? Self pity? Self reflection? Probably not. More like mind wandering, but whatever. I haven't written about those first teaching experiences very often because they were so awful that I try to block them in the interest of saving money on therapy because I prefer to present myself as fabulous. And friends, I was far from fabulous in my first year.

But who IS fabulous in their first year? You get shoved into a classroom with more responsibility than you know what to do with and presto! You're supposed to know exactly what to do at every twist and turn. If you ask me and nobody did, first year teachers either need intense mentoring or we should have more of an apprenticeship model- you know, where it's not all trial by fire (since really, it's you and the kids that get burned) and filled with tears. OH THE TEARS!!!

...The cross I had to bear child who challenged me in my first year was no joke. NO JOKE. I'm talking, I would say this kid's name and older teachers would clutch their heart in fear, gasping with the sheer horror of it all...

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I wonder how to measure the "learning cost" which kids pay for flailing rookie teachers.