Jay Mathews

Here is a nice write-up about our teacher residency by Jay Mathews of the Washington Post. Little anecdote. Jay was visiting last year. We'd invited an audience to hear him talk about his new book, Work Hard, Be Nice: How Two Inspired Teachers Created The Most Promising Schools in America.

It's about the KIPP schools.

But Jay bonded with one of our teachers about Advanced Placement classes. Jay LOVES this topic. In his reporting, he keeps returning to the notion of extending challenging AP classes way beyond the normal top few students in a school. It's the Jaime Escalante story, basically. Which Jay wrote in 1998. Which you probably see on cable TV from time to time.

So: audience arrives to hear about KIPP. Ends up hearing about AP. Related. But, um, different.

I tried to gently redirect him a few times, but he was on a roll.