Fill In The Blank, Rwanda Style

Julie Ann (teacher in Peace Corps, and fab blogger) excepts answers from English midterm she gave:

- The doctor will give you INJURIES to make you feel better. [Only if I'm looking to win a malpractice suit!] - In a democracy, everyone has the same OPPRESSION. [Technically I guess so?] - Mutoni brought the SKUNK to start the fire for cooking. [Count me out for that meal] - The USA has more than 300 million RIGHTS. [Interesting from an outside perspective]

Also she mentions:

Plus, my kids here are SO well-behaved! I've not had a single discipline issue so far in six weeks of teaching. When I gave my first quiz, I prefaced it with my standard ixnay-on-cheating spiel.

In Mauritania, cheating was the standard, and the kids were masterful. One rolled up a tiny strip of paper inside the clear barrel of a pen; another had a friend outside the classroom toss a balled-up sheet in through an open window.

But here -- I didn't see a single instance. And I'm darn good at busting cheaters. I was stunned, happily.

If we open a branch of our Ed School in Rwanda, sounds like we can skip the Classroom Management course. Though we'll have to add a class on either cooking skunk or avoiding Mutoni, though I'm sure he's a nice young man.