Curric In A Box

I think there's some confusion about Curric In A Box. There are 2 aspects to the idea. One is "Curriculum In A Box." Like anything in a box, it's supposed to be easier than stuff not in a box. Examples include Tree In a Box, NGO in a Box, and Bed In A Box.

(The other aspect is the shortening of Curriculum to Curric; more on that later).

Most teachers would guess Curriculum In A Box refers to textbook company created materials. Not so. I have nothing against such curricula. Some are good (Singapore Math). Some are bad (MATCH tutors placed in traditional district schools have struggled mightily with something called TERC Investigations).

I mean CIAB as what Hannah Larkin describes in the comments section of TeachingFTW. Created by a single teacher, not a publishing company. (Though the CIAB may certainly include materials created by publishing companies).

Three essential ingredients to Teacher-Created CIAB

1. The teacher needs to have taught kids with similar starting level of math or reading skills. 2. The box (or disk) needs to be really well organized. Or it's disorienting. Then discarded. 3. The creator needs to have taught in a school with similar work expectations of kids.

That is, School A and B may have pretty much the same kids, but in A kids never do much homework, and in B they generally do (through massive systematic coercion and follow-up). Curriculum from a teacher at School B is not easily going to work at School A.

The basic goal here is CIAB simply transfers 2 to 3 hours per day of rookie teacher effort.

Without CIAB, a rookie teacher is scrambling to slap together anything plausible. She often feels frantic.

With CIAB, those teacher hours are generally transferred to modifying, chiseling, enhancing, scaffolding, rehearsing, and understanding the curriculum.

Or sometimes the hours go to more phone calls to parents, more helping kids after school, and more reviewing videotape of self in action.

Win for rookie teacher. Win for kids.

If a school happens to have Curric In A Box for a rookie, that is awesome. If not, assuming we have the consent of the principal, our training program will help each rookie find CIAB from a teacher in another school. We'll even pay.