Tar Squeal

An opinion piece from Jay Schalin, from higher ed watchdog group called John William Pope Center:

...At the April 8 Board of Governors meeting, armed with an impressive new piece of empirical evidence, University of North Carolina vice president of academic affairs Alan Mabe publicly questioned whether we might "want to rethink our entire way" of teacher education.

Will this affect the UNC Ed School dean? The Arne Duncan exhortations to massively overhaul Ed Schools didn't seem to make much of a dent. Dean McDiarmid's rebuttal was along the lines of "Sure we can improve but we're mostly great, I can't believe people want to eliminate Ed Schools." I suspect this plays well with tenured faculty. If the enemy can be positioned as wanting to eliminate you, instead of what Duncan actually said/says (improve!), then there's no reason to take the US Secretary of Education seriously.

Maybe a critique from his own university will hit closer to home. It's an important question. What sort of external stimuli will result in really change within our 1200 Ed Schools?