Giving F's

Interesting story via At first glance, I was with the teacher.

BATON ROUGE (CN) - A fourth-grade teacher sued her principal, superintendent and school board, saying they prohibited teachers from giving students Fs, even if they deserved it.

I'm generally on the side of protecting teachers from pressure to dilute standards.

But as I read the details of her complaint, I flipped on her. One, she sounds whiny. Two, schools should be able to set any sort of reasonable grading policy. Protect the teachers afterwards (from principals pushing for high pass rates, or from disappointed parents) when they try to fairly implement that policy.

What do you think?

While we're on the subject of grading, Joanne's blog also linked to this story: the average GPA of the Wisconsin School of Education is: 3.92 on a 4 point scale.

The dean defended the grading. Something like: "Our people are awesome!"