3X teachers

Very good "thought" paper from the husband-and-wife Hassel team.

It's called "3X for All."

Top-quintile teachers produce learning gains three times (3x) that of bottom-quintile teachers. However, the supply of these teachers is limited. Meanwhile, teachers affect only a small portion of children each year, no more than bottom quintile teachers.

Instead of just trying to recruit more great teachers, what if schools chose to reach more children with the great teachers they already have?

Reach extension can take several forms, such as redesigning jobs to concentrate teacher time on instruction, putting star teachers in charge of more children’s learning, and using technology to extend teacher reach and meet their standard.

Star teachers whose reach is extended would have unprecedented opportunities for achievement and could be paid more from existing per-pupil funding streams.

K-12 doesn't have a lot of really breakthrough "thought papers" and this is one of them.

I would only add: if we succeed in starting to identify and leverage 3x teachers, then their compensation will (hopefully) rise dramatically. This itself will become a cultural signifier. The combination of recognition and compensation would then result in many 2x teachers aspiring to 3x greatness.

In short, even though the paper is simply about how to get more out of existing 3x teachers, I'd predict that identifying and then leveraging those people could generate many newly-minted 3x teachers. There are two "wins" to be had.