Question....Part 7

Mrs. Kombo writes:

Hello Mike,

1. Adamou and I might be able to travel to Boston in 2011 and we'd love to visit your school and the other two schools you mention in your email. And you, of course, and perhaps some of your students and teachers, are more than welcome to come and visit our school in Niamey!

2. I read both of the articles and there are ideas there which could be adapted to our context without involving extra cost. But, I'd like to discuss the following points with you regarding in-class tutoring.

- Let's take the Reading PALS for example. Can that work in a class of 40/50 students? - Can a single teacher control 20 or 25 pairs of students working together? And what about the noise level in the classroom? - Also, in our case, out of 40 students, only about 8 or 10 will be capable of judging whether or not the tutee has given the correct answer in an exercise such as "paragraph shrinking" for instance or in the reading exercise where they have to correct each other's mistakes. So maybe, considering our context, this method might work better with subjects such as mathematics or history and geography where the correct answers can be given to the tutor by the teacher ahead of time. What do you think?

3. The alternative you have suggested, that is to say identifying 5 stronger students and asking them to work 1-on-1 with 5 weaker students before or after school, is definitely worth a try and perhaps easier to start with.

Thank you very much and looking forward to your comments.

Best, Homa