Dopamine Extreme

My last post was about how dopamine release is based, in part, on predictions -- what you think is about to happen.

This lady obviously thought something bad was about to happen.

Via GothamSchools, this from the NY Post:

Maybe she should have just called in sick.

An untenured Brooklyn high-school teacher catapulted herself down a school stairwell in a wacky attempt to avoid a classroom observation by her supervisor, a probe obtained by The Post shows.

Staffers at the HS for Innovation in Advertising and Media told investigators that first-year teacher Ilene Feldman was so petrified about a scheduled classroom observation -- coming in the wake of a poor performance review -- that she staged a clumsy pratfall in a stairwell rather than risk getting a second negative rating.

...The footage "revealed that Feldman actually threw herself down the stairs in a controlled fall," said the report, which was completed last year but never before made public.

Click on the link above. There's video.

She resigned.