Go Kaya!

Kaya Henderson is the new leader of Washington DC Public Schools, promoted from her job as a deputy to Michelle Rhee. From her interview with The Root:

TR: Are there any plans to rehire any teachers who were let go?

KH: If the teachers were let go for performance reasons, no. Absolutely not. We continue to believe that if you can’t perform in the classroom, you cannot work here. So there is no backing off of that. IMPACT, the [teacher] evaluation system that we rolled out, came out of my shop, so for me to then turn around would be crazy. That being said, for people who were let go for budgetary reasons, they are welcome to reapply, and have been, even under the Rhee administration.

TR: Teacher quality is one of the benchmarks of your education reforms. It's been said that DCPS is one of the primary employers of middle-class blacks. How do you reconcile the economic role that a teaching job plays with the school system's commitment to excellence?

KH: For me personally, the point of an education system is to educate students, and I am going to ensure that that happens. Period. The end. An education system is not a jobs program. I think that the presumptive mayor-elect has an agenda around economic development, and that's great, but the moment we start prioritizing jobs for people on the backs of our children, we are making a significant mistake.

Love it love it LOVE it. People, it's not the answers. It's the zip! "Absolutely not." "Period. The end." Kids and teachers of DC, you lucked out. You got a tiger.

It's an Obi-Wan moment, now that I think about it. Obi-Wan is Rhee. Luke Skywalker is Kaya. Darth is Achievement Gap. The key line is at 56 second mark.