Coming Attractions

Whew! Been a busy week. Coming bloggy attractions on following topics: 1. Spent Weds and Thurs in New Orleans. More than 60% of kids there attend charters.

Had 9 meetings with charter leaders. Topic: Coaching teachers who have 1, 2, or 3 years of full-time experience. I.e., not rookies, but not veterans.

2. Spent Friday in Houston, looking in on this project.

3. Today is the Gateway for our teacher residency. I'll describe what we changed from last year. Also, got some great feedback from folks visiting from TeacherU and from a local principal, so I'll share with their permission.

4. On Monday, the founding team of our proposed new charter school has an interview scheduled. It's with the Department of Education. In February, they'll either recommend chartering the proposed MATCH Community Day, or not.

5. Oh yeah. Thought-provoking 2 hour meeting last Tuesday. In defining success, do we factor in anything besides college persistence/degree? Which MATCH grads seem happy/successful, and by what criteria? I need to write about this to figure out what I think.

6. For new readers, here's an oldie-but-goodie post: Dopamine (the molecule in the photo).