Gimme Talent: Teacher Training

What will I give you in exchange for a referral of a top prospect to come work full-time at MATCH Teacher Residency (MTR)? Glad you asked. Your choice of:

1. Private basketball lesson from my colleague Orin Gutlerner, coach of the 8-0 MATCH boys basketball team woooooot!

2. Coveted MTR coffee mug (pictured).


3. Naming rights to the next-born child of any current MTR staff member.

In addition to teaching jobs at our charter schools (and two dean jobs), MTR has two key needs:

1. Director of No Excuses Early Elementary Teacher Training (new position).

2. Deputy Director of Math Teacher Training.

Each is perfect for someone who:

a) Has been a No Excuses teacher (whether an "island of excellence" or in a No Excuses charter).

b) Has the chops to be principal or dean of a top charter, but doesn't want that job for whatever reason (or doesn't want to continue it). Yet also doesn't want to leave for policy world -- would like to be in the trenches.

c) Has a very firm persona. Needs to absolutely push trainees to be bad-ass rookie teachers.

d) Can contribute to our overall chistoso. We're a small program. Orin, Veronica, Erica, Laura, Randall, Colin, and me. That's it. We really think of each other as partners. We friggin' (Rahm!) love each other and cherish our work hard/joke around environment.

e. Obsessed with jaw-droppingly good rookie teachers. Our program is just 2 cohorts old. We're not there yet (though we have turned out some gems; we also have produced some so-so's, and a couple turkeys). You gotta share this obsession/intellectual interest.

* * *

Actually, if you know any top educator relocating to Boston, send 'em my way. Even if they're not a fit for us, our friends in similar charters and teacher prep programs are also looking. MGoldstein at matchschool dot org.