Two TFA Experiences: Rodgers versus Sanchez

My TFA pal also says:

At some of the charters where our folks are deployed, Teach For America corps members get the Aaron Rodgers approach to grooming. There's some gradual release of responsibility in their course load, etc. On lots of levels really good for them and I am all for it, and I know some personally who have really embraced their development curve given the supports they get.

That said, I'm also a big fan of the Matt Ryan/Mark Sanchez approach to grooming (MG: these are NFL quarterbacks who were "thrown in" and running the show from Day 1 on the job).

Yes, they might take some early hits and have some rough games ….but they're coming out of their trial- by-fires quickly and racking up a lot of wins a whole lot earlier than Rodgers did in his career.

I was a Sanchez. By February of my first year teaching, I had fumbled the ball a few times, but I was taking serious ownership of my class as a leader, making some drastic improvements, and leading kids to some real gains.

I think both approaches, as long as you have the right QB, have their merits.