Liveblogging Student Teaching #1

It's Saturday morning. Dana is shaking hands with each 6th grader as they walk in. Like her energy. Three kids, though, give no eye contact, giving perfunctory shake.

Next time -- don't let that slide. Rituals need to be authentic or they're massively diminished.

Because of the need to be authentic, it's hard to micromanage the ritual. One options, though is,

1. The "hold" (don't release hand), plus 2. Your other hand does either a) the chin-up gesture if you have the relationship capital to touch a kid's chin, or b) touch the forearm, plus 3. A sentence which could be a. Fun/zippy (I'm overcoming your downbeat mood, it's okay that you're a little sullen, but it ain't gonna last) b. I'm glad to see you c. Challenge -- I need your eyes when you shake