If You Had A Week...

Readers: I want some ideas Imagine you had a week of teacher coaching, just you. All day, every day, Sunday to Friday, 7am to 7pm. You and a coach, together. You can dream large or small.

What would you want? What outcome? What stuff to work on?

* * *


There are some really incredible responses in the Comments section below. These have massively advanced my thinking on this topic. The hive mind at work!

I am adding a quick guide in case readers wonder who these commenters are.

Julia is in our teacher prep program

Mathteacher is a star teacher at Edward Brooke Charter School and evidently likes to kick back with a beer on Friday.

Emma is in our teacher prep program.

Jamie teaches in Brooklyn at Uncommon Schools.

Spencer is president of Schoolworks, visits tons of charter schools, rails against "Tyranny of the Packet."

Rob is at TeacherU.

Josh is a doctoral student at Harvard and very strong on-ball defender.

Jeff is national head of TFA's teaching and learning.

Elliott is a long-time KIPP leader in Houston.

Mark W is curriculum supervisor in a New Jersey school district.

Mark M is a former TFA'er and a former MATCH teacher.

Jon C is a former middle school math teacher who is co-director of Edward Brooke Charter School.

Kate C-B is the founding principal of our new school, called MATCH Community Day.

Shawna is a leader in KIPP Philly.

Akshai runs a charter school in Arizona and loves Steve Nash.

Doug M co-runs Achievement First.

Doug L wrote the wonderful Teach Like A Champion