We're Hiring

What will I give you in exchange for a referral of a top prospect to come work full-time at MATCH Teacher Residency (MTR)? A coveted MTR coffee mug (pictured). We have 3 needs. 1. Director of No Excuses Early Elementary Teacher Training (new position). (Boston).

2. Deputy Director of Math Teacher Training. (Boston).

3. Co-leader of MATCH Teacher Coaching. (New Orleans).

Each is perfect for someone who:

a) Has been a No Excuses teacher (whether an "island of excellence" or in a No Excuses charter).

b) Has the chops to be principal or dean of a top charter (or used to be one), but doesn't want that job for whatever reason (or doesn't want to continue it). Yet also doesn't want to leave for policy world -- would like to be in the trenches, with teachers.

c) Has a very firm persona. Needs to absolutely push trainees to be bad-ass rookie teachers.

d) Can contribute to our overall chistoso.

e. Obsessed with jaw-droppingly good rookie teachers. Our program is just 2.5 cohorts old. We're not there yet (though we have turned out some gems; we also have produced some so-so's, and a couple turkeys). You gotta share this obsession/intellectual interest.

Email me at MGoldstein at matchschool dot org