A little Shakespeare

By day, Orin runs our teacher prep program. By night, he coaches our basketball team. Occasionally he moonlights as an actor.

A couple days ago, Orin was in Carolyn's 9th grade English class. He was pretending to do a teacher observation. The kids were reading about Shakespeare -- background stuff. Then Alex Johnson, one of our tutors (this guy is an amazing actor) entered, lightsaber in hand, as Hotspur. Orin, playing Henry V, jumped up -- with his own lightsaber. They dueled.

Sam Waterston, the Law & Order guy pictured above, once played the Prince Hal role Off-Broadway back in 1968. Because Orin performed well for the 9th graders, it's quite possible he, like Sam, will use this performance to get cast in a long-running TV crime drama.

Here's the scene.

Hotspur (Henry Percy): If I mistake not, thou art Harry Monmouth.

Henry V: Thou speak'st as if I would deny my name.

Hotspur (Henry Percy): My name is Harry Percy.

Henry V: Why, then I see A very valiant rebel of the name. I am the Prince of Wales; and think not, Percy, To share with me in glory any more: Two stars keep not their motion in one sphere; Nor can one England brook a double reign, Of Harry Percy and the Prince of Wales.

Hotspur (Henry Percy): Nor shall it, Harry; for the hour is come To end the one of us; and would to God Thy name in arms were now as great as mine!

Henry V: I'll make it greater ere I part from thee; And all the budding honours on thy crest I'll crop, to make a garland for my head.

Hotspur (Henry Percy): I can no longer brook thy vanities.

[They fight - using lightsabers] Orin won the duel (in all 3 sections).