102 degree classrooms

The air conditioning in the MATCH Teacher Residency office isn't working properly. It can hit temperatures of 90 degrees here. Luckily, we have options. Blue State Cafe is a 40 second walk. We can take our laptops and cell phones, then enjoy their wireless, air-conditioning, and top-notch coffee. Ryan is the barista in the photo.

Of course, if Blue State is crowded, we can take the backup plan. Cafe Japonaise is a whole 3-minute walk, so it's pretty exhausting to get there.

Mrs. Kombo dropped me an email from her school in Niger. (If you're a new reader to the blog, she's an email pen pal who runs a small private middle school in the poorest nation on Earth. Some of our correspondence is here.)

There are many positive things going on in our school, but of course, as you well know, our challenges and problems are still immense and that is an understatement! For instance, because of the intense heat and the daily electricity cuts, almost nobody was able to work properly these last two months, neither the students nor the teachers...temperatures reach 102 degrees inside.

I have to learn to complain less when we in Boston have things sooooo good.

You can donate to Hampte Ba school here.