MATCH Community Day: Our New Students

This is one of our new families. We keep learning about them -- the 100 kids who will start at our new charter school this fall. 50 kids will be in second grade. 50 kids will enter K1 (which is, outside of Boston, often called pre-K). The mission of our school is to prepare kids from low-income families for college, particularly those whose families do not speak English as a first language. We already know that data: more than 80% of our families do not speak English as their first tongue.

However, a separate matter is the classification of a student as an "English Language Learner" -- not only is their first language not English, but they are, under the law, not yet able to do ordinary classroom work in English.

Since 44 of our 50 students in our 2nd grade will be coming from 1st grade in various district elementary schools (the other 6 kids are probably from Catholic or other religious schools), they've all either been classified as ELL (or not). The district just sent us the data (thank you!): 28 of the 44, or 64%, are classified as "English Language Learners." It remains to be seen what that will be the ELL % of our K1 kids, too (the 4-year-olds).

We're also getting the special education information, called an IEP (Individual Education Plan), for a number of kids. The IEP has both data on the specific learning disability, and the plan in place (from the kid's prior school) to give the student a good education.

You can view photos of many of the families here.

These pics were taken a few weeks ago at our orientation, by a fantastic photographer, Gretchen Ertl.

We're also learning about our staff. The team is almost fully assembled: just 1 more K1 teacher to find. The permanent staff will be (not counting the full-time tutors):

Principal 5 classroom teachers 1 special education teacher 1 literacy specialist 1 "music and movement" teacher 1 operations director 1 nurse 1 MATCH Corps director

I'm really excited for August 29th (first day of school for the 2nd graders). I think Kate has put together an "all-star" team, and those kids are gonna have a marvelous first year.