Congrats to the 28 folks on track to complete our teacher prep program. They worked hard and did a great job winning jobs in a tough job market. Collectively, next school year, they'll teach about 2,500 kids. They finish with us July 30 and then fan out to begin their new adventures. (Our newbies arrive mid-August). Ahead for them: student teaching our summer academy, all of July. Here is where they'll work next year, about 2/3 in Greater Boston.

Alicia Coneys, KIPP Lynn Gaby Gonzalez del Real, KIPP Lynn Kaya Schmandt, KIPP Lynn

David Blitzer, Boston Prep

Katie Downes, Salem Academy Emma Nairn, Salem Academy

Dana O'Neal, Roxbury Prep

Yu Chen, Phoenix Charter Academy Martha Inouye, Phoenix Charter Academy Maura Mathieu, Phoenix Charter Academy

Mitch Zoelzer, UP Anjali Nirmalan, UP Elena Milius, UP

Danielle Mosher, St. Anthony's (Everett)

Tara Davidson, MATCH Middle School Ken Akiha, MATCH Middle School Emma Lilliedahl-Allen, MATCH Middle School Eddie Jou, MATCH High School

Kreg Moccia, Achievement First High School, Brooklyn Colleen Olsen, Achievement First-Bushwick, Brooklyn

Laura Brandt, BedStuy Collegiate, Brooklyn Julia Goldenheim, North Star Vailsburg, Newark

Marquan Jones, Democracy Prep, Harlem Sarah Brain, Democracy Prep, Harlem Julia Shield, Democracy Prep, Harlem

Claire Murray, Coney Island Prep, Brooklyn

Shelley Parker, West Denver Prep

Grace Patil, KIPP Heartwood, San Jose