A Request

If you read this blog, you may recall my penpal, Mrs. Kombo. She runs a middle school in Niger. I don't think S+P rates their economy, but according to the United Nations, it may be the poorest country in the world.

There is a Facebook photography contest. The winning school gets $1,000. Her school, called Hampte Ba, is a finalist. This amount would be a big boon for her students.

Mrs. Kombo basically don't know anyone on Facebook. But I do. And so do you.

Yesterday a crop of brand new MATCH Corps, on their first day of training, all decided they wanted to help. So they all voted for this beautiful photo above.

It turns out this vote is INCREDIBLY close. Like 40 votes as of a few hours ago. I'm no David Axelrod, but we need to swing just a few more votes towards Hampte Ba.

Here's where you come in, if you are on Facebook. (Mom and Dad, I realize you are not on FB).

1. Go here. http://www.facebook.com/GlobalGiving 2. Like "Global Giving." 3. Then go here. 4. Like the photo.

Do it now! (Or at least by 11am Eastern on Weds).