Pleasure Reading

Kids often carry around pleasure reading books during school. That's typically for when they finish an assignment more quickly than other kids. This year, we're experimenting with encouraging this for teacher trainees. Our staff made a list of some ed-related books that we've enjoyed. Each trainee picked one to read during downtime. We bought 'em (thank you donors).

5 are about an individual teacher experience, 7 about education policy in some way. Then there's 2 books of broader interest.

Being Wrong:

Here’s a fascinating counterpoint to the notion that making a mistake somehow diminishes you as a person. We shouldn’t fear error, the author says; rather, we should embrace it because it’s our capacity for making mistakes that makes us who we are.


The authors teach us how to create the change we'd like to see in the world using a deceptively simple framework (e.g. "Make the Undesirable Desirable" and "Design Rewards and Demand Accountability"). Many of the concepts are intuitive - the problem is that I had never intuited them before, much less put them all together in a framework I could act on.