Who Said It?

Who said it?

We're terrible bureaucratically....We do brain surgery with an ax, is how we go about business....We gotta get smarter, we've gotta use digital applications, we've got to understand how this generation learns.....If we do not capture their energy and imagination for the future of our institution, we will fail. We cannot go back to the Mr. Potato Head training of the past.

a. Dean of a well-known School of Education that rhymes with Manford


b. Head of surgical residency at leading hospital that sounds like Gass Meneral

Actually, it's Bob Cone, a 4-star general who heads up training for the United States Army.

Q: You mean the Army that has acquitted itself in unbelievably difficult conditions as the best fighting force in the world? They think their training needs a major overhaul?

A: Yep, that one.

Q: Don't most institutions say "We're excellent, we just need to tinker a bit to get better?"

A: Yep.

Q: Are you implying that most Ed School deans don't use that sort of plain language to describe their own institutions?

A: I've written before....privately, a number of Ed School deans and presidents, current and past, use that language to describe massive change they think their organizations desperately need. But they also say there is little appetite among many tenured faculty for that big change. Look around, very few leaders are questioning the quality of their programs; if they describe any change, it's invariably change that can happen while still keeping much of their existing stuff in place.

Q: Let's say your little teacher prep thing one day becomes a small Ed School. Won't you be in the same boat?

A: Yes. One day. I've written about that in the past. Hopefully, though, we can push some exciting stuff until we become fat and happy. Then someone else will lap us.