Artifacts From Syracuse

These second graders are in Jocelyn's classroom, using a Foss Full Option Science Kit. She went to Syracuse University. So that's what her classroom is named. Syracuse is known for their basketball team, and in particular, longtime Coach Boeheim's amazing deployment of a traditional defense called the 2-3 zone.

A lot of teams that I see play zone, basically play a packed in soft zone, they allow the offense to do what they want. Good teams will eventually work the ball around enough to get a good shot.

Instead, your zone defense must attack the ball with pressure and close out quickly on the perimeter, force the action which will result in turnovers. Lastly, you must have good weak side support on either side of the zone.

Jocelyn teaches the same way. Today my colleagues were watching her in action, and she "forces the action." She "attacks" incomplete answers (including making sure kids answer in complete sentences). And she tries to help the tutors create good "support."

For example, earlier this week she was noticing successful little techniques that some tutors were using, and emailed the other tutors.

Tiara (Ms.Mahoney) has been keeping JC and JJ on track through the use of simple star cards that she makes, coupled by SHOUT OUT Post-It Notes that she leaves on my door following tutorial. The boys have been so excited to get shout outs from their tutors. If they have earned a Post-It note, they cannot wait for it to be delivered.

There is also a picture here of a Post-It note that says, “Hello, 12345.” This is a Post-It Note that (Eleanor) Ms.Chandler sent to me in the middle of tutorial. BP needed to have a movement break and he loves to feel helpful in the process. She had him bring me this “note”. It was really just a chance to move and then get back to the table, focused and ready to go.