Bottom 10%

Last week I blogged a question about the Top 1% of teachers. There's a great bloggy debate this week about the Bottom. It's between Eric Hanushek, an economist, and Diane Ravitch, a historian. Both are prominent voices on education policy. Hanushek:

In the face of this I want to offer one simple thought: The future of our schools depends heavily on dealing with the small number of teachers who simply should not be in the classroom.

Specifically, by replacing the bottom 5-10 percent of teachers with the average teacher found in today’s classrooms, research indicates that the achievement of U.S. students would rise from below the developed country average to near the top if not at the top.

The whole thing is here on Eduwonk. Ravitch responds tomorrow.

(The picture is not Eric Hanushek. It's Jack Welch, the former CEO of General Electric. He had a lot to say on this topic). And here's a critique.