Ellis The Rim Man

Great story today in the BU newspaper, by Patrick Kennedy. There's also a 2 minute video. It's about the building where our high school is located. Before that, it was an auto parts store called Ellis the Rim Man. The owner talks about his business:
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Turns out, the business started in high school. Sort of.

It started with a fistfight. Morris “Moe” Ellis was a 16-year-old newsboy from the South End of Boston when he got into an altercation—with his high-school English teacher.

“He had a little fisticuffs with him,” says Moe’s son, Edward Ellis. “That ended his high school career.”

So the teenager started a new career. On his 17th birthday, Moe founded Ellis, Inc., selling automobile parts instead of newspapers. The year was 1917, “the time when automobiles were just sort of coming into their own,” says Edward Ellis, who took over the business after his father died in 1983.

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