New Orleans Parent Data

Read the Times Picayune story here, via GothamSchools.

Three thoughts:

1. Great work by all the teachers and staff -- and kiddos -- who achieved this.

2. Some wonkish "choice plumbing" stuff ahead:

...The district is hoping to reconcile contradictory inclinations toward choice on the one hand and neighborhood schools on the other. Half the seats at each elementary school will be set aside for students living in the area, although attendance zones will be much bigger than they were pre-Katrina.

Cowen researchers pointed out two particular survey findings that might give district officials pause about how the system is implemented: 68 percent of parents in the poll applied to only one school for their child -- the district is now asking parents to rank eight -- and 95 percent said they nabbed a spot at their first or second choice. So there may be more room to go wrong than improve things.

3. From our teacher coaching work in New Orleans, one thing is clear -- on average, the schools and the students have a long way to go to meet any type of reasonable threshold as being "good."

The acknowledgement by voters of improvement -- New Schools For New Orleans likes to say schools have gone from "F" in the pre-Katrina days to "C" -- sets the table for an equally tough slog to "good" and even "great." We hope to be a small part of that story.