Governor's Visit to MATCH Community Day

Governor Deval Patrick visited our new elementary school yesterday. Here he is teaching "Song of Winter" to 4-year-olds, with Yeji Lee, their teacher, and Amanda Laskowski, a graduate student at Wheelock College and special education aide.

When Mustafa runs to become Governor of Massachusetts in 2050, will he favor Patrick's policies, or those of our previous Governor, Mitt Romney? Hard to know. Then the Gov visited with some second graders. Dan (spiky hair) may have been negotiating for more recess. Amy is one of our two second-grade teachers. Jocelyn is the other. Thanks to fairly tireless efforts of teachers and tutors, our kids get along pretty well. Governor Patrick brokered the 2010 Massachusetts law which lifted the charter cap. Previously, only 5,000 Boston kids were allowed to attend charters, no matter what the demand from parents. The new law allows 10,000.

The legislation allowed MATCH to join forces with Community Day (in Lawrence) and apply for a charter. Now it's a 4-month old "real" school.

Many more pics here. The photos were all shot by the stellar Gretchen Ertl.