Amphibious Achievement

Those kids include Chalayna, Jimmy, and Dani -- MATCH students who made the front page of US Rowing's website. They're in a great new program.

The wind was whipping the waters of the Charles River into an uninviting frenzy, but because it was a mid-February Sunday morning, the chances of there being any rowers on the water were slim anyway, particularly for high school crews.

That didn’t stop the group of inner city high school aged boys and girls sitting on rowing machines inside the MIT boathouse from dreaming about being outside on the river in front of them.

“Just look at that beautiful river,” said MIT student Noam Angrist, “and dream about what it will be like to be out there doing what you’re doing now.”

Angrist knows what it is like to dream about something and then make it happen.

Last year he and fellow MIT student, Ron Rosenberg came up with an idea of bringing students from Boston’s inner city schools to MIT every Sunday to introduce them to rowing and swimming and combine that with an academic program that will help them back in school.

Noam is a great kid who was a volunteer tutor in our middle school before launching Amphibious Achievement.

This year, the program has 39 students drawn from a lottery of 65 applicants from three Boston high schools.

Ah, randomized admission! Dad must be proud.