Spell "Hop"

That's Annie (left) with Malia. The Boston Globe has a nice article today about MATCH Community Day, the school we launched last September.

The task before 4-year-old Jeury Sanchez was spelled out on a vocabulary card and recited by a tutor: “Hop.’’

The preschooler at Match Community Day Charter School, who speaks Spanish at home, scanned a tray of letters on a table, grabbed an “H,’’ and placed it in front of him. Then Jeury was stumped. With scrunched eyebrows, he slowly sounded out the word, tapping a finger to his thumb to each letter sound: “hhhuh . . . aaaw . . . pppuh.’’

His eyes lit up and he quickly reached for the “O’’ and the “P.’’

My wife believes we should emphasize teaching the spelling of IHOP before hop. She's a big believer in the educational power of unlimited choices of syrup.

Thanks to our partner in Lawrence.