New Orleans Teacher Coaching

MATCH's New Orleans teacher coaching experiment is wrapping up for the year. I blogged about some of the coaching here and here and here. Below is a 5-minute video where teachers describe the MATCH coaching.

From the exit surveys, these teachers are not outliers. Satisfaction was quite high across the board. We call it "permission-based" coaching. A school leader can't sign up a teacher. We only work with teachers who want our particular style of coaching, never imposing it.

As you may have noticed in the video, a few teachers "slipped through" last year -- despite our emphasis on permission, they'd been nudged by their principals to sign up, and we didn't realize their buy-in was shaky. One thought MATCH coaching was going to be a drag ("If I had to say how excited I was going into it, on a 1 to 10 scale, I was a 1"). We highlighted them in the video, because after the first few sessions, they were sold.

Now did MTC-coached teachers get their students to learn more because of coaching? After all, that's the ultimate objective. We don't know yet. Our evaluator Matt will weigh in on that later this summer. It's quite possible that we boosted teacher and principal satisfaction but not student performance. Or that any boost won't be seen until next year, like in the recent Pianta experiment. But at the very least, happy teachers (and principals) seems like a good start.

Thanks to Erica, Max, and Katherine for all their work. Thanks to all the teachers who opened up their classrooms to our team and for volunteering to be coached (and telling us how to get better). And thanks to Veronica for pulling together the vid.

And if you're a NOLA teacher and want MATCH coaching next year, please email Erica.Winston aaaaaaaaaat