Challenge: How to Flip Middle School Non-Readers into Voracious Ones?

Some time ago I blogged that it's easier for top charter schools to generate math gains than English gains. It's an interesting thread with a few great observations in the comments.

I conclude with

I’ve often thought we should wage an all-out effort to generate pleasure reading habits among older kids. In our early years at MATCH High, we took kids to the bookstore each month, to buy whatever book they wanted. Somehow our tradition faded away.

My questions for you today:

1. Do you know of an urban middle or high school that has had shocking success at flipping kids who, when they arrived in August, never read for pleasure (preferring video games, TV, facebook, etc for 6 to 7 hours a day), but after a few months, read many hours each week? I am talking gigantic, massive, who read voraciously on their own, with non-assigned books.

2. Barring that, do you know of an unusual individual teacher who has achieved that?

Email me or just write into the comments.