I'm still a jackass who just happens to do this good thing, but it doesn't make me a good person.

I heart Kamala. Seattle Weekly just wrote her up; she's on the board of an education non-profit there.

Met her in 2004. Roz, who came from the Linda Brown tree, had been busy rounding up our first cadre of tutors. She was doing a stellar job with nothing but a flimsy brochure. But we still needed to hire someone to direct all these college grads.

Through a mutual friend, I got introduced to Kamala. We all took to her instantly. So she moved to Boston.

I still remember one of Kamala's crazier ideas, from spring of 2005.

Good people,

After several conversations with Corps members and staff about the lack of warmth and coziness on the third floor dorm, I had a meeting with Charlie and Alan about possible ways to improve the living situation and contribute to the sense of community. Several proposals were put forth, but the most realistic seems to be the purchase of a third-floor pet. Since the school mascot is the MATCH bulldog, we thought a dog of this breed could be appropriate. They are relatively small and don't shed (you know how I hate mess!).

I am throwing this out there to see how all of you feel about it and to confirm that none of you have severe allergies or phobias. With Ines' help, I will work out a rotating dog-care schedule, including walks and baths. Those of you with students on contract will be assigned to morning or weekend dog care in order to accomodate your schedules. We will also need people to visit the dog during the day so that it does not bark and disturb classes.

If the dog does not work out, we can donate it to a service dog organization, and you can thus log your dog training and care hours under Strengthening Communities on your Americorps timesheets.

Please reply with your thoughts, suggestions, concerns.



A few folks freaked out. Turned out the email was sent April 1, 2005.

Later on, Kamala and Roz paired up and moved to Seattle. They now operate on the frontiers of "culinary reform."