The Next Phil Ivey

From the Wall Street Journal, via GothamSchools:

The Henry Street team, which currently has eight to 10 members, is the only sanctioned high school poker club in the city, he said.

Mr. Engler started the club in 2007 after realizing that poker was an effective way to reach some children, as well as a novel approach to math and psychology.

He started meeting with students every week with a few firm rules: No cursing. No money exchanged. No innuendo.

He began each session with a mini-tutorial on probability, the dangers of gambling or Zen philosophy, which the students quickly dubbed the "hippie lessons." After Mr. Engler left, the club continued.

Malachi Riddick, now 18 years old, began playing poker with Mr. Engler in middle school as a way to overcome shyness during their counseling sessions, he recalled.

Although he was a founding member of the club, he spent a year on "tilt"—thrown off his game by the teasing of other players, he said. At one point, he even considered quitting. But instead, he schooled himself in self-control.

"Poker is learning experience—you win some, you lose some," he said.

At the Harvard competition, he finished second in the tournament to a teammate, beating every law school player.

Those Harvard Law players are easy to read. Now at Harvard's Kennedy School of Gov't, much tougher competition. Since we're training to be bureaucrats, our expressions are inscrutable.

As I type this, I realize I need to make a confession. I lost $100 to Stig 2 weeks ago. He's an HBS grad. Maybe us KSG grads are too risk averse.

Match needs a poker club. I need practice. Collins?