Our stellar Grade 2 teachers, Jocelyn and Amy, took this kiddos on a trip. Thanks to my friend Todd and his peeps for buying our tix.

Jocelyn writes:

It was smooth as can be from start to finish and our scholars definitely had a blast! They are still talking about it! Please enjoy the pictures attached, as well as the hilarious anecdotes below. They definitely keep me smiling!

Comments During the DEEP SEA 3D IMAX Presentation at the Aquarium (Just picture me sitting in between John and Jacob during the show!) · John: “Ms.Goodwin, They copy you everywhere you go.” · John” “Fried egg jellyfish???!!! Ha! Ha! I get it.” · Jacob: “We are IN the sea right now.” · John: “Ms.Goodwin, that animal just came out of my body!” · John: “Ms.Goodwin, I wish the seat moved.” · Jacob: “Ms.Goodwin, that turtle just winked at me.”

Hey JG, when do we start fundraising for the Zumba trip to Brazil?