Class of '12

Friday was our high school graduation. I took our 2-year old. She liked the processional. We've got 200+ lovely photos, by the inestimable (I learned that word from RiShawn Biddle) photographer Gretchen Ertl, here. Here are a few.

This is Daniela Vasco, with her folks. She's going to Stonehill College.

This is our high school co-principal Meg, and Natalie Boy. I chatted with her dad at the graduation, he's such a positive force. Natalie is off to Salem State University.

(Come to think of it, Julian, from our second cohort of Match kids back in 2001, just graduated from Salem State; from my Facebook updates, I've become to believe he's spending as much time/energy as Orin in cheering against LeBron).

Here we have Malik Andrews, heading Wentworth Institute of Technology, along with our high school co-principal Bisi. I believe Bisi gets to wear the red thing cuz he just got his doctorate last month, from Boston College.

That's Rakaiyyah Malik-Marchan, off to Keene State College in New Hampshire; Julde Little, heading to Northeastern University; and Michael James, heading to Denison University. And then in background: D’Mani Vass has the blue sweatshirt. He’s going to Massachusetts College of Liberal Arts. The guy all the way to the right is Dashauan Sessoms, off to Framingham State.

(The folks going in-state typically have earned Adams Scholarships, based on their Grade 10 MCAS scores after a few years (and many long weekends) with their teachers and tutors at Match).

I got a nice email from a friend a couple weeks ago. She happened to be on a plane and started chatting with a teenager. Turned out to be ours:

Hi. I'm sitting on the plane with Michael James, a Match senior, who is coming back from his orientation at Denison College where he got a free ride and he says it's all do to Match! Great kid. Great work. Andrea

Actually let's credit the Posse Foundation, a great organization which has 4,000+ stories like Michael's.

That's Boston University's Dean of Students, Kenneth Elmore. He is one of our Trustees, and more importantly, a veteran of our 6am staff pickup games, before some of us (cough) got old and began to watch Sesame Street at that hour. Not only does Ken (and the university) permit all our seniors to take B.U. classes (which really helps them get a feel for what college will be like), but he also hooks us up with their beautiful auditorium each year. We need the big space. Many kids have a ton of family in attendance.

Eeez nice.