From Russia To Raleigh

My friend Laura sent me this CNN article about one of her former ballet teachers:

The foundation of a Kostritzky education, hard work and discipline, also translates to other professions and facets of life, he said.

"She made it clear in the beginning that this wasn't just about ballet. Maybe you're not going to be a ballet dancer. Maybe you're going be a doctor or work for Wall Street. But the discipline you're learning in this class, you could take this discipline and apply it in any other profession."

"...She demands only the best; complete commitment. Work, work, work and then savor the rewards but only for a moment because there is more work to be done..."

It's a terrific article.

"She is a remarkably passionate and caring teacher," said Woetzel, now director of the Aspen Institute Arts Program. "It is a moral question for her. The amount of effort and care one took with their training mattered as much or more than the ultimate output of success. Olga created wonderful people, as well as wonderful dancers."