The Lawrence 50

This is Alan, Barbara, Cathryn, Antonio, Rose, and their merry band of 50 math tutors. Each will work with 12 kids per day, every day. They're spread between 2 Lawrence large public high schools. Training started Monday. Good luck to them. Similar work we've done with Houston public schools yielded great results. Kids and teachers alike loved the tutors. But the work is tough, no question.

The idea here is it's hard for an individual teacher to remediate every single kid if they arrive way behind grade level and, in many cases, don't even speak English. High-dosage tutoring complements teaching.

My favorite data story here is how the Lawrence team measured Spanish language proficiency. Basically, each tutor chatted for ten minutes with Natalia, a Match alum, in Spanish. She rated them scale of 1 to 10. That's it. If a tutor scored 6 out of 10 or higher, she gets a small bonus.