What would you do?

Mom and kid fall onto subway tracks. A guy hops down, picks up kid, pulls him back onto platform, while Mom scrambles up too. Mom and kid are unhurt. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eF_qxd0KLM0&feature=player_embedded

Here was the official reaction:

“The bystander’s quick response is worthy of praise, but it’s also important that the public remember that the subway’s third rail is electrified. It’s always best to immediately notify an MBTA employee so that we can alert nearby train crews and shut off the power to the third rail as soon as possible,” Pesaturo said.

The first sentence is great. But the second?

It's not typical that an MBTA employee is standing on the platform, readily available to "notify." So you'd do what...run upstairs to the ticket counter to get help, while maybe a lady and a kid lay on the tracks?

I'm glad that guy just jumped in there.