Ready, Set

The 5th cohort of MTR starts classes next Friday. I'm excited. Good group. Meanwhile, 4th cohort deployed. Most typical early feedback from their supervisors?

She is so, so hungry for feedback, and is working really well with her cohort team.

Hindsight is 20-20. It all seems so obvious in hindsight.


I wish I could say that when we designed MTR, we came up with a great plan to make teachers coach-able.

I.e., the logic would be: if you can get teachers to act on coaching and implement it speedily, a lifetime of improvement is possible.

But that's not what we intended.

Instead, we simply wanted our coaching to pay off, during their residency year. So we built systems and classes to help teachers accept our coaching well on the Fridays and Saturdays they'd be in our nest.

A byproduct of our yearlong effort turned out to be that MTR alums are -- or so their principals report -- unusually coachable compared to other rookie teachers.

(Not every MTR alum, to be sure. Just the typical one).

It's not easy to become more coachable. I offer myself as Exhibit A. And Josh Beckett as Exhibit B.