Badger Ladder

Milwaukee Journal Sentinel article by Erin Richards about declining Ed School enrollment. Masters degrees don't automatically lead to pay increases in Wisconsin anymore. The normal pay ladder has changed.

Henk, the Marquette dean, said the university's education program is known for being rigorous, whereas other area programs may be easier for teachers and not as expensive .

Marquette hosts a Teach for America program in which college graduates who were fast-tracked into an alternate teacher's license work on their master's degrees. The program has helped offset the drop in traditional graduate school enrollment.

"Teachers may say, 'Gee, if I learn this, I'm going to be more effective and that will help me remain employable and maybe realize the kind of results where I'll qualify for merit pay,' " Henk said. "But it's not going to be lock-step compensation awards like it used to be."

Seems like the right approach. The more legit programs, like Marquette, should do well. It's why people buy Apple instead of PC. More expensive but better user experience, more value.

If the purpose of buying a computer was to have it sit there, and you'd get a raise, then we'd all buy PCs off Home Shopping Network.

The fly-by-night programs, who basically advertise that they're incredibly easy and also cheaper than more rigorous programs -- who will have an incentive to attend those programs anymore, if they're not being paid to show up?