Crush Lusher

TNTP has put out a 17-page booklet, where 5 successful teachers each describe a move they use. It's called Unlocking Student Effort. This one is really zippy, by Jamie Irish, a KIPP math teacher in New Orleans:

Drinking Crush orange soda makes you better at math. It’s absolutely true.

My 8th graders students drink Crush during every quiz, regional benchmark exam, and standardized test. I can tell when the test gets difficult because they all start taking bigger sips.

A visitor once inquired about the rules in my class. One student said, “Crush Crush Crush or get crushed,” and then turned back to her work.

During class, if a student gets a few questions wrong, he or she is sent to drink Orange Crush-colored water from the water cooler. The student drinks one cup and, as if by magic, he or she never gets a question wrong for the remainder of class.

One day, Franquell brought a can of grape Crush, not orange, to morning homeroom. I stopped my announcements and said, “Franquell, you know that only the Orange Crush bestows magic math powers, right?” She sighed and said, “Mr. Irish, the corner store ran out. They always run out of the orange kind. Kids are buying it all up. They can’t keep it in stock they said.”

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