Spanish Teacher Solves for X

Match High School got our awesome Spanish teacher, Angie Gibbs, via our friends at Citizen Schools. Angie mused the following on Facebook.

Students want extra credit for tomorrow's test, the admin wants X number of phone calls made to parents in a marking period, and parents want to be informed. What does a Gibbie do?


1)Teach the kids a tongue twister at the end of class the day before the test.

2)Tell them to go home and teach it to a parent and have the parent call me.

3)After the amused and interested parent calls and recites the tongue twister, steal a moment to share 1 thing the kid is doing great, as well as reminders for what to study on the upcoming assessment.

4)Deliver the news that the kid has earned extra credit for teaching the tongue twister to the parent.

5)Log all 15 and counting phone calls for admin.

All stakeholders pleased. #MsGibbieSwag

Reminds me of something I've wondered.

What is the combinatorial effect of several teachers who make phone calls to parents?

We've shown before, in a randomized experiment (though in a limited context), that parent communication does seem to drive better next day student behavior and performance.

We've never studied -- when parents receive calls (to praise, correct, and/or inform) from several teachers, then what happens?

Is there any chance for a "cloud effect," where the parent develops loyalty/appreciation for the "team of teachers," such that she's more open to what each individual teacher has to say?