Echo Chamber

Conservatives read Drudge Report, listen to Rush, watch FOX. Liberals read HuffPo, listen to NPR, watch MSNBC.

It's not news to any of you that there are two competing narratives in America today.

But sometimes the hyper-partisan excesses are just so egregious, I gotta share it. Like today.

These are the 8 national presidential tracking polls that came out today.

Romney is winning in 5 national polls. Obama is winning in 3 national polls.

Let's set aside that national polls don't matter much; if you examine state by state polls and then do electoral math, Obama has a lead.

Drudge Report gets 84 million hits per month. It is very popular. They are running this front page.

Look at the top right.

They only include the polls that show Romney ahead.

This behavior -- omitting polls that show an Obama lead -- isn't an outlier. It happens frequently.

If Obama wins, millions of duped Republicans will think "How can that be? Romney was leading in all the polls! It must be voter fraud! We wuz robbed!"

And there will be more push for voter I.D. laws.

And there will be less willingness to make any political compromise.

What a cycle.