9 Cents

Jocelyn writes:

Priceless conversation from my Grade 2 classroom yesterday....

ME- Good morning J! Why didn’t your mom come to Parent Night last night?

J- I don’t know Ms.Goodwin. I was about to ask her…..what is more important? Going out with your friends or coming to my family night?

(J goes to his cubby to put his things away, then comes back and gently places a small white button down on the chart paper that I am writing on. He does not say anything-just places it there. I look up and realize that it has a pink breast cancer ribbon on it.)

J- That is for you. I know you really care about that.

(I have NEVER told them that I really care about that, but he may have noticed this when he watched our Zumbatomic performance.)

J- Ms.Goodwin, I also have to tell you that I gave two people in this class money yesterday.

ME- Really? Who did you give money to and why?

J- I gave T 25 cents, but I cannot remember why. I also gave S some money, 9 cents, because I think her family is poor.

ME- Why do you think that?

J- I just know it.

ME- J, thank you for being so thoughtful, but let me take care of the kids. You do not need to be bringing money in for people in this class.

S enters the classroom.

ME- Did J give you 9 cents yesterday?

S- Yeah……

ME- Where is the money now?

S- My mom says we’re broke so I brought it home.