Advisories in Africa

My e-friend Mrs. Kombo runs a middle school in Niger. If you're a new reader to this blog, here is some old correspondence.

She wrote:

I'd like to do some research work on advisory groups and realize that very few publications about advisory systems are available. So far, I have only found two !!

Would you happen to know anyone who "specialises" or who is interested in this area and who could help me with it?

I'm going to connect her with a teacher here in Boston, but any advice in the comments section would surely be welcomed by Mrs. K.

Mrs. K also commented on my recent blog about gym space.

Hampaté Bâ has lots and lots of space, but we don't have the means to build proper facilities. Far too expensive!

Anyway, enjoy watching a session of our P.E. class performed under a scorching heat of 45 C° !! Not everyone can do it !! Our kids are very brave, don't you think?

We are looking into ways to limit sun and heat exposure. Maybe once we are able to finance a well, we'll be able to install affordable water misters.

In case you're wondering, 45 degrees C is 113 degrees F.

If you're in the holiday giving mood, you can donate to their school by clicking here.